Participated in many drafting commissions for:

•Revision and drafting of the Mining Act of Burkina Faso in 2010 ;

•Revision and drafting of the Mining Act of Burkina Faso related decrees in 2011 ;

•Revision and drafting of the UEMOA Mining Code in 2016 ;

•Drafting of the UEMOA Mining Regulations in 2016 ;

•Consultant for the International Trade Centre (ITC) for the drafting of model contracts on commercial terms for small and medium enterprises (2009);

•Legal Profession Regulation.


Labour Law

Our lawyers have extensive experience in labour law and advise local and international clients from various industries. Our lawyers provide specific advice on labour and immigration laws, recruitment procedures, hiring of senior management, application of social advantages and pension plans, drafting prepare and registration of employment contracts, advising on termination of employment and assisting in obtaining visas and work permit.

Legal counsel for the employment of expatriates and many other labour law issues;

•Drafting and reviewing employment contracts for several multinational companies;

•Drafting and reviewing consultancy contracts;

•Legal counsel on compliance with national, sub regional and international regulations and corporate governance.


Aviation and Transport

Our lawyers have experience in the field of aviation law notably in relation to financing and leasing aircrafts. Our team assists clients with processing filings and registration.

•Advise and representation of transport companies, including GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) ;

•Preparation of jurisdictional legal due diligence opinion based on the operational sector of the investor ;

•Legal counsel on local law requirements in relation to aircraft leasing and local registration, de-registration, repossession and export of aircrafts ;

•Negotiated contracts and financing conventions involving national and regional transport companies ;

•Registered many land transport companies for example Hinterland Trucking SA, Mercator Transport SA and Mercator Global Services Burkina Faso SA ;

•Legal counsel to the RACGAE, in charge of handling affairs at the airport.



Our lawyers have broad experience and expertise in the field of commercial litigation by participating in complex commercial disputes, involving local and international companies.

As legal advisors to lenders, foreign investors, borrowers, and other interested parties, our lawyers provide effective commercial solutions on a timely basis in critical situations.

•Representation before the Commercial Court, the Court of Appeal and the Cassation Court;

•Assistance in the enforcement of decision;

•Obtaining recognition of foreign judgments. 


Finance Services

With the development of the mining sector and the infrastructure sector to support the country‘s economic development, many banks and financial institutions have been active in financing these endeavours by way of loans extended to developers . Our lawyers have been advising both international banks and borrowers on the validity and enforceability of their loans in Burkina Faso.

·         Legal counsel for the drafting and registration of guarantees in relation with international financing ;

·         Advise over the validity and enforceability of loan credit agreements under the applicable national and regional laws ;


·         Legal opinions on the validity and enforceability of loan credit agreements and guarantees under the applicable national and regional laws.